Providers of Education


What we can provide for those working in education:

  • Training and consultation in for providers of education concerning, approach, practice and resources.
  • Plan, organise and run awareness raising training events and INSET.
  • Plan, organise and run projects in whole school spirituality so as to foster a community where all belong.
  • Based upon the findings and outcomes of the research project EveryBody Has a Story, create curricular material for children with Special Educational Needs.
  • Design symbol resources for schools.
  • Design accessible resources for Religious Education and PSHE.
  • Advise schools on accessible resources on spirituality and religious practice that are available on the open market.
  • Develop programmes of education for schools and governors.
  • Provide training and consultation in the area of SEN legislation and children with SEN.
  • Provide online seminars (webinars) and courses based in Aberdeen and London, which people may do for interest or Continuation Professional Development, together with an annual or bi-annual international conference.
  • Provide a distance learning diploma in Disability Theology (via the University of Aberdeen).
  • Educational programs specifically designed to meet the spiritual and religious practice needs for use by people with disabilities.

Services for:

School staff: Head teachers, Governors, teaching staff, SENCO (Special Educational Need Coordinators), Learning support staff, administrative staff.

Universities and colleges: Prospectus development, schools of theology, PGCE ( Post Graduate Certificate of Education) departments, SEN (Special Educational Needs) departments.

School commissions.

Undergraduates and postgraduates.