The Kairos Forum for Cognitively and Intellectually Disabled People: Crafting communities of belonging through attention to the spiritual.

The Kairos Forum, is an independent consultancy which serves to enable the lives of people who have disabilities and who have been Intellectually Disabled (KFCID). The consultancy is born out of a research project with the University of Aberdeen. The forum acts as advisors to organisations, such as the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, providers of education, health and care.  Kairos has also provided training in SEN and legislation to over two thousand teachers in the United Kingdom. We also work with families and individuals in many areas of the life and hopes of people with disabilities.  We have recently provided consultancy to the Pontifical Council for Culture concerning Disability, Culture Sport and Theology, who were co-patrons of our internationally acclaimed conference which was both developed and delivered by Kairos: LivingFully2016