Why effective and accessible resources are necessary.

Knowing ‘how’ but not ‘why’; knowing ‘why’ but not ‘how’
Research Report 2012: Gangemi, Tabanelli, Vincenzi, Swinton

After conducting our research which explored the spirituality and religious practice needs and hopes of People with Intellectual Disabilities, we discovered the following:

Whilst many secular organisations have skills in ‘knowing how’ to communicate and differentiate services for People with Intellectual Disabilities, they may not fully ‘understand why’ spirituality and religious practice are important for their life. It may seem to the organisation that religious communities are able to meet special needs within their community and practice and that an attendance to services and worship, fulfils a duty of care.

In turn we feel that the religious communities may ‘understand why’ spirituality and religion are important but may not ‘know how’ to make their services accessible to people with Intellectual Disabilities.

This juxtaposition could result in lack of suitable provision for the person with Intellectual Disability and as such they may experience poverty in access to spirituality and religious practice. EveryBody Has a Story seeks to fill this gap and provide content, structure and resources, which will enable all service providers to explore and provide spiritual care for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

The aim of The Kairos Forum is to fill the ‘gap’ that this insight from our research has highlighted and produce resources that will enable People with Intellectual Disabilities to participate within communities. Through the provision and use, of innovative and creative resources, we hope that communities may grow in understanding and ensure that people with Intellectual Disabilities know that they belong and that there are also resources available for them in your community.

We are building a portfolio of accessible resources and activities that will be available for purchase or download by communities.

Translation of resources

We will be happy to provide you with ‘translations’ of your existing resources and practices. This means that we will explore the practices and resources that you share and translate them into a set of actions and images that can be used to mediate the information that you seek to share, in a way that is both meaningful and accessible to everyday experience.

Take a good look through the information about ‘I Belong Special’, one of Kairos’s first translation projects. Whilst it is intended as a First Communion programme it is also a great resource for praying and sharing scripture stories with People who have an Intellectual Disability.

Why not think about contacting us and booking translations just like ‘I Belong Special’?

It is not just about meeting legislation requirements but about making spirituality and religious practices available to all!

Employing the services of The Kairos Forum will ensure that people with Intellectual Disabilities are not forgotten or excluded from all that you provide and in turn your communities will be enriched by their insights and presence.