Parents and Carers are important people who often devote their lives supporting and enabling the people for whom they care.

The Kairos Forum is committed to meeting your needs. For the Forum to be a gathering place for your needs, please send us ideas of what you would like to have provided and we will do our utmost to design and build services that enable you to care and be cared for. Use our contact page to help us to help you.

Visit our resources page to find out what new ideas and resources are being created as a result of your communication with us, as well as days of reflection that will occur as a result of your telling us what you need.

Be assured that Kairos holds your wellbeing – body, spirit and mind – very much at the centre of all we plan.

We are committed to providing a space for you to tell your story and let your story touch others. We are convinced that when you share your story as a gift it adds to the lives of all who receive it.

Why not send us some stories that tell of your experience of living with or praying with people who have an Intellectual Disability? In this way your stories can be received, held and shared so that others may be inspired and informed by your experiences.